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You Need Someone on Your Side

Alternative investments is a complex area and it can be difficult to find someone who has the knowledge and experience to provide high-value advice. More importantly, you need someone who is on your side, totally loyal to your interests, whose compensation is independent of your investments. Wellfleet Strategies is built on decades of experience gathered from our extensive team of high-level industry professionals: 

  • Former federal prosecutors and investigators
  • Former regulators
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Financial analysts
  • Government officials and insiders
  • Academics and journalists

Our people have the knowledge, skill, experience to identify potential sources of fraud before it’s too late. 

Are You at Risk for Fraud?

When it comes to alternative investments, those who engage in fraud are highly intelligent and develop sophisticated schemes aimed at defrauding investors. Even for seasoned, successful investors, these schemes can be almost impossible to detect until it’s too late. And the more complex the investment, the more easily the fraud can be concealed. In other cases, the investment itself is valid, but the people managing the asset have fraudulent intentions. 

We work with investors to make sure the investments they are considering are legitimate and the people managing them are trustworthy. We look behind the promotional materials and ask the tough questions to make sure your interests are protected.

Risk Analysis and Management

Alternative investments, whether private equity or hedge funds, pose unique risks that aren’t present with other investments. You need someone with experience in this environment to help you navigate this challenging landscape and ultimately maximize your return on your investment. 

We start the risk management process by getting to know you – we want to understand your tolerance for risk, your investment objectives, and your overall goals. We then perform a thorough analysis of the potential risks involved in these investments. From there, we develop a fully-personalized strategy to help you manage the potential risks you face. 

Alternative Investment Fraud Prevention & Risk Management