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Where We Start

The regulatory landscape continues to rapidly evolve, making compliance an ever-changing environment. Failing to stay ahead of the compliance curve can have disastrous consequences for you and your business. For many businesses, they may not know where to start. Other businesses believe they are in compliance, only to be blindsided later by requirements they were completely unaware of. When managing your regulatory compliance needs, the first step is to understand where you are vulnerable.

Wellfleet Strategies is built upon decades of experience at the highest level of industry. We have a deep network of accountants, lawyers, former regulators, government officials, academics, and other experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We build a team around your business that is uniquely suited to provide insights into your specific industry. We pride ourselves on matching the right people with the right clients. 

From there, we start with a 360-degree assessment of any and all current and potential compliance issues. Your compliance needs will depend on who your clients are, who you partner with, your vendors, and where your business operates. We focus on every aspect of your business and perform an exhaustive review of the legal and regulatory framework you have to operate in, whether here in the United States or abroad. We identify those areas where your risk is critical, but also those areas where compliance may be an issue in the future. 

About Compliance Programs 

You may already have a compliance program. We help many of our clients assess the strengths and weaknesses of their programs. We recommend changes where necessary to help you tighten up your compliance efforts and avoid future regulatory problems. In other cases, we may recommend a complete overhaul to address significant shortfalls in your program. 

If you don’t have a compliance program, we can design a fully-customized program that specifically meets your business’s unique needs. Our programs typically incorporate the following elements: 

  • Fraud detection and monitoring
  • Board and management training 
  • Board and management oversight 
  • Internal controls
  • Compliance policy and procedures

We also recognize the power of technology. Many companies are starting to leverage AI-powered software platforms to help them manage their compliance needs. We can provide guidance as to whether this is an option you should consider, and then help you make the right choice. 

Compliance Assessments