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A Boutique Firm with Deep Crisis Management Experience

We are a small firm that serves a select clientele. Despite our size, we have decades of experience in helping clients manage crises both big and small. When our clients approach us for help after a situation has gone from bad to worse, we immediately build a hand-picked team of industry professionals who have the knowledge and experience to offer solutions to the complex problems you’re facing. 

We draw from an extensive network of accountants, lawyers, business leaders, journalists, academics, and public relations professionals to quickly develop a systematic plan to respond to your crisis, whether it be:

  • Public relations controversies
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Multi-million dollar litigation
  • Ethics complaints
  • Allegations of fraud, misrepresentation, and breach of fiduciary duty

When you engage with us to respond to a crisis, we take a hands-on approach to understand the problem, identify your goals, and formulate contingency plans to address any unexpected developments. From there, we work with you every step of the way to execute the plan until the issue is fully resolved. 

Sending the Right Message

At Wellfleet Strategies, we believe that what you say is often just as important as what you do. Our public relations professionals know how to navigate the complexities of today’s media ecosystem. From print communications to social media and everything in between, our people know how to deliver your message effectively to the people who need to hear it. Whether you want to grow your business, control bad PR, or become a leader in your industry, we can help you get tangible results. 

Our clients look to us for their strategic communications because we know how to formulate a campaign that delivers results. We work closely with our clients to first develop the message that will best communicate your values and resonate with your audience. From there, we identify the market or markets where your message needs to be heard and will be most effective. We then build deep relationships with media outlets in those markets to better maintain control over your message. Finally, we monitor the results of the campaign to ensure that your message is taking root, and oversee any follow-up actions needed to drive your message home. 

Responsive. Adaptive. Innovative. 

When it comes to crisis management and strategic communications, these are the values that shape what we do. 

  • Responsive. The market doesn’t wait and so we promise our clients a rapid response to whatever their needs may be. 
  • Adaptive. A thorough plan is a good start, but the best planners recognize that you need to be able to adapt to changes as they arise. 
  • Innovative. We’ve built our reputation by delivering innovative solutions to our clients’ complex problems. 

If you’re facing a crisis or need help with your communications, reach out- call or email us today to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Crisis Management & Strategic Communications