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Evaluating Your Company’s Culture

Fraud is often a byproduct of your company’s culture. As a result, one of the first things we do is come in and assess your organization’s culture. We conduct extensive interviews, study your operations, and try to get an insider’s view of what it’s like to be an employee in your firm. Some of the things we look out for: 

  • Are you setting unrealistic or impossible expectations for your employees?
  • Are you inadvertently incentivizing people to commit fraud?
  • Are you ignoring substance abuse or other at-risk behavior among your employees?
  • Are some of the numbers simply too good to be true?
  • Is there sufficient oversight and supervision?

Our people have the knowledge and experience to identify the conditions that are perfect for fraud to take root and grow. 

Effective Anti-Fraud Programs

When businesses decide they want to combat fraud, the first thing they do is develop an ethics or anti-fraud program. These are often well-written, comprehensive policies that incorporate all of the essential ethical and anti-fraud components. While these programs look good on paper, they often fail to address any of the real-world problems that may be festering within your company. 

To be successful, your ethics and anti-fraud programs need to be built on a solid foundation. As a result, the next step in building a fraud-resistant organization is to transform your culture. After assessing your company’s internal operations, our people can then identify the steps you need to take to create an ethics-positive environment. 

On-Going Monitoring

The other mistake that many companies make is they address the problem and then move on. Building a fraud-resistant organization isn’t accomplished in a single step or achieved by developing policies. Fraud-resistant organizations require constant upkeep and monitoring. We work with clients to give them the support they need by monitoring their culture and recommending any changes that need to be made. Our goal is to make sure the changes you need to make are fully implemented. 

Building Fraud Resistant Organizations