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Our Experienced Team

When it comes to government investigations, the experience we bring to the table is unmatched. We draw from an extensive network of industry professionals who have worked on some of the most sensitive issues:

  • Former regulators
  • Former prosecutors
  • High-level government aides
  • Academics
  • Journalists

When we work with a client-facing a government or regulatory investigation, we assemble a hand-picked team with specific knowledge of your industry and the issue you’re facing. Our people know the law and have intimate knowledge of how the investigative process works. 

Our Unique Approach

If you are facing an investigation, the first step is to determine where you are vulnerable. From there, we formulate a fully customized strategy that best protects your interests and meets your objectives. At times, this may involve disclosing certain breaches, taking immediate corrective action, and giving your full cooperation. In other cases, you may need to aggressively challenge the investigation and meet it head-on. Sometimes the best strategy is a combination of the two. 

Whatever strategy is best suited for your situation, we work closely with you and your executive team. We don’t provide advice from afar, we work side-by-side with you to help you get through the investigation. 

The Potential Consequences of an Enforcement Investigation

No one wants to be subject to a government investigation for obvious reasons. In addition to potential sanctions and even an indictment, there are other consequences that can be just as damaging. The negative publicity can harm your reputation, shake investor confidence, and result in loss of opportunities. 

On the other hand, successfully navigating an investigation can be a significant triumph. Being cleared of any wrong-doing can dispel harmful rumors and shore up confidence in your brand. We work with you every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Get Help as Soon as Possible

Too many people think they have nothing to worry about until they find themselves in over their heads. The government is not on your side, even if you cooperate or are fully transparent. The investigative process is often unfair and used as a tool to serve a particular political agenda. The sooner we can get involved the more we can help.