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#1: Collect the Right Data

No matter what issue you’re facing, we begin by collecting all of the relevant data we need to see the problem from every perspective. A problem can only be solved if it is first fully understood – and that means numbers. Data allows us to understand the problem from the inside out. It’s the first step in finding the right solution.

#2: Ask the Right Questions

Collecting the right data requires asking the right questions. As we collect the data you need, we will be asking important questions such as the following:

  • What are the industry trends?
  • How are other jurisdictions addressing this issue?
  • What is the regulatory or legal environment that we will have to work in?
  • How do regulators generally resolve these issues?

However, it also requires that we ask the right questions of you. Before we develop a customized plan for your business, we work very closely with you to understand your priorities and what you see as the best possible outcome.

  • What are your company’s main goals?
  • What are your company’s core values?
  • How are your competitors dealing with this issue?
  • How risk-averse are you?
  • Which do you value more when it comes to outcomes – certainty or creativity and innovation?
  • Are you willing to litigate in order to protect your business? Or would you prefer a non-adversarial resolution?

#3: Investigate the Problems You Face

Arriving at the right resolution requires a thorough investigation of the problem your business is facing. We perform a 360-degree investigation of your issue by working with an extensive network of industry professionals – lawyers, accountants, regulators, and enforcement agents. With decades of experience, we know where to look in order to find the hidden pitfalls and potential solutions to whatever problem you may be facing.

#4: Develop a Custom Plan and Execute

Once we have collected all of the relevant data and performed an exhaustive investigation, we then develop what we believe to be the best possible plan of action for your business. Our strategy will incorporate your business goals, your core values, and your risk tolerance to help you navigate your challenges. Once we have developed a plan that you are comfortable with, we then work side-by-side with you to fully execute that plan.

#5: Monitor & Prevent

Ultimately, our goal is to help you manage the risks you face and build a better business than your competitors while avoiding financial loss and negative exposure. As a result, our involvement doesn’t end with the implementation of your plan. We then actively monitor that plan in order to ensure compliance and prevent future problems.