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Our founder, Lawrence Brown, has spoken extensively about business ethics as applied in the real world. Instead of hypothetical case studies, he draws upon decades of experience to help our clients foster a truly ethical environment in their organizations. From discussing particular issues to a systematic evaluation of your company’s ethics practices, we can help you build something you are proud of. 

A Focus on Culture

Pick any major corporate scandal and you’re likely to see the same thing – a handful of bad actors offered up as the sole cause of whatever happened. The reality, unfortunately, is often quite different. If not the product of an unethical corporate culture, the culprits were allowed and perhaps even tacitly encouraged to do what they did. 

Unethical conduct often starts with unrealistic expectations. Outrageous billing quotas, nearly impossible promotion standards, and lucrative bonus structures can create an atmosphere where success is achieved at any cost. If not tempered by some realistic ethical standards, these expectations can quickly create an environment where unethical conduct is not only accepted, but even promoted. 

When we work with a client, we start by learning your culture. We then identify the areas where unethical conduct can take route. From there, we map out the actions you need to take to change your culture to one that encourages your employees to act according to the highest ethical standards. 

A Focus on People

In order to understand culture, you need to listen to the people in your company. At Wellfleet Strategies, one of the things we do is meet with your employees to get a “boots on the ground” perspective on the ethical challenges they face every day. 

Real-world business ethics requires looking at your culture from the perspective of the person who is expected to both meet your organization’s needs while building their own career. It’s often the tension between these two – the personal versus the organizational – that can lead to ethical conflict. We work with companies to minimize the conflict between their employees’ goals and their obligations to the business to foster an environment where ethical conduct can flourish and your business can grow. 

Real World Business Ethics