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Innovative Solutions at Scale

There is no single solution that will solve the problems caused by a cyber attack. Instead, you need a team of people who are creative problem solvers – people who can identify solutions that will help you move forward in the days following the attack and get control of the situation. 

What works for one company may not work for you. We identify your needs and then deploy a strategy scaled to quickly begin fixing the damage that’s been. We’ve helped clients dealing with a data breach in the following ways:

  • Establishing a call center dedicated exclusively to handling communications from clients affected by or concerned about the attack;
  • Creating a stand-alone client portal so that they can continue to operate without interruption while we work to fix the breach; 
  • Dedicating personnel exclusively to handling client or customer concerns

The important part is recognizing the size of the remedy that will be needed to fix the problem and, perhaps more importantly, restore your clients’ confidence. 

Protecting Your Brand Reputation

One of the most common casualties of a cyber attack is your brand’s reputation. Left to their own devices, the media will portray the breach as a result of corporate hubris or simple incompetence. It’s critical that you get control of the situation as quickly as possible, and perhaps more importantly, get control of the message. 

At Wellfleet Strategies, we have decades of experience in crisis management and strategic communications following a data breach. We have deep connections with major media outlets that can help you tell your side of the story or respond to unfavorable treatment in the press. From public relations campaigns to customer communications, we can provide you with the communications that will protect your reputation and restore confidence in your brand. 

Finding the Way Forward, Together

One of the most important steps in recovering from a cyber attack is learning from the experience. Identifying vulnerabilities in your network or weaknesses in your IT procedures can help you prevent future attacks. Here are some of the ways we help our clients move forward following a data breach: 

  • Identifying the need for additional in-house IT staff or outside IT consultants
  • Strengthening your information security
  • Developing new IT security procedures and policies
  • Reviewing who has access to your network both inside and outside of your organization

From finding the right software platform to vetting IT personnel, we can help you build a better company following your attack.