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At Wellfleet Strategies, we help companies protect themselves, which includes conducting internal audits to prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud. Whether it’s a routine audit or you suspect that fraud is occurring, our audit teams can help you get a handle on the situation.

What Our Audit Team Brings to the Table

The audit teams at Wellfleet Strategies are built on a deep network of highly-qualified professionals: 

  • Accountants
  • Financial analysts
  • Attorneys
  • Former government regulators and prosecutors

With decades of experience and knowledge, our audit teams can provide you with top-level auditing services.

Why You Need an Independent Auditor

Fraud occurs when people assume that appearances are reality. Unfortunately, fraudsters know this and are quick to take advantage of the trust you place in them. Working from the inside, they know to circumvent the internal controls and cover their tracks. It’s even worse when the people who are supposed to be protecting you are themselves committing fraud. 

You need someone from the outside who is neutral and trustworthy. Our audit teams bring a fresh set of eyes to your books and records. We can identify vulnerabilities, highlight questionable transactions, and make sure that your policies and procedures conform with best practices. 

Prevention: Stopping Fraud Before it Happens

Even if you don’t suspect that fraud has occurred, regular internal audits are a good way to stop it before it happens. During an internal audit, our teams perform the following services: 

  • Perform a thorough review of your financial records to ensure that they comply with the highest auditing standards
  • Recommend any additional internal controls or other procedures to guard against fraud
  • Assist in the implementation of any new protocols or procedures

Fraud Detection

We can also help if you suspect that fraud has already occurred or is on-going. Our teams know how to root out misappropriation and other forms of fraud and determine who is behind it. From there, we can take steps to recover any lost assets, if possible. 

We also work closely with you to determine whether the fraud must be disclosed to the authorities and how it should be handled with investors and other stakeholders. This is a big step – you need someone who can provide guidance as to what your legal and ethical obligations are. We can also help manage any negative publicity or other reputational damage that may arise.