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What sets us apart from other firms is our people. Our team is composed of industry leaders with deep experience who know how to turn raw data into actionable information that you need to move your business forward. At Wellfleet Strategies, we believe that the data is only as good as the person who is compiling it. From hiring decisions to mergers and other business ventures, our experts can help you gather the information you need and turn it into a customized plan of action. 

The Right Tools in the Right Hands

We employ all of the latest technologies when it comes to gathering information for our clients, from artificial intelligence to sophisticated data mining software. We are a tech-savvy firm, and we stay abreast of developing technologies so that we can help our clients stay competitive. 

However, the real value we bring to the table is our people. Our team is composed of the following industry experts: 

  • Attorneys and other legal experts
  • Accountants
  • Expert academics and journalists
  • Federal prosecutors and regulators
  • Government representatives
  • Industry leaders and analysts

Our people know how to maximize the effectiveness of technology to quickly get the critical information your business needs. From there, our team will work with you to evaluate and focus in on the information that may hold the answers to your company’s questions. 

Knowing When You Need Help

We can help our clients get the information they need in almost any situation. For some, this means providing business intelligence and due diligence services for focused purposes: 

  • Hiring C-level executives and vetting potential partners
  • Identifying, evaluating and vetting potential investors or investment opportunities
  • Pursuing mergers, acquisitions, or other business ventures
  • Evaluating potential new markets

For other clients, we provide on-going or recurring business intelligence and due diligence services: 

  • Monitoring current competitors and identifying potential new competitors
  • Monitoring your industry to identify potential risks and new opportunities
  • Conducting background investigations
  • Identifying emerging markets

With decades of experience, we can help you gather whatever information you need so that your business can make its decisions based on the most current information available.

Focused and Thorough

When assisting our clients, we begin by making sure we understand the intricate details of your business, your market, and your goals. Starting here, we focus our data-gathering efforts to compile the information that is pertinent to your business. More importantly, we are thorough in efforts – we don’t rely solely on online databases. Our network of industry professionals gives us access to real-time information that isn’t available online. We make sure that we have reviewed all angles of every potential problem to make sure there aren’t any unpleasant surprises. 

Business Intelligence & Due Diligence