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Risk Assessment and Management

We recognize that risk is a part of today’s global economy, and success demands that businesses take justifiable risks. However, the risks you take should never be unknown. Relying on our decades of experience and network of industry professionals, we help our clients identify and evaluate the risks their businesses face. From there, our team works with you to develop a uniquely tailored plan to help you manage those risks so that you are never caught off guard.

Business Intelligence and Due Diligence

Many firms promise to deliver data, but at Wellfleet Strategies, we believe it is the people handling your data that makes the difference. Our team includes expert researchers who gather, filter, and analyze the critical information you need to make the most important decisions facing your company. Our experts understand the value of due diligence and make sure that no stone goes unturned when evaluating your future prospects.


We employ a network of attorneys, former government agents, and prior regulators who are experts on the legal framework that governs your industry. We help our clients identify what actions they need to take in order to avoid an enforcement action and ensure that they stay on top of any changes in the law or relevant regulations.

We also work with businesses facing an enforcement action due to non-compliance. We provide aggressive representation to our clients to help them resolve their issues while moving their business forward and remaining competitive.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Our network of accountants, former regulators, lawyers, and government agents are some of the best investigators in the world. They are experts at identifying and uncovering fraud. However, we don’t just help our clients identify fraud that has already occurred – we can help your company design and implement anti-fraud policies and procedures to prevent economic loss and keep your company safe.

Crisis Management & Strategic Communications

You don’t need decades of experience to understand that every business owner will weather a few storms over the course of their career. We know that it can be overwhelming when a crisis strikes. No matter what crisis you may be facing, we can help you manage the situation so that you can focus on running your business. From developing a strategy for dealing with unique and time-sensitive situations to on-message strategic communications, we can help you navigate these difficult times.