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Examining the Present, Looking Toward the Future

Periodically you go see your primary care physician to get a thorough physical examination. The purpose isn’t to deal with a current illness or malady, but rather, to check on your overall health. The purpose of the visit is preventative in nature, with an eye towards assessing your general health. 

Global risk assessment is the same thing. Rather than wait for a crisis to emerge, you want to assess your assets, review your objectives, and understand the potential risks that you face. From there, you can then come up with a forward-thinking strategy to manage those risks, leaving you with the flexibility and agility to continue to capitalize on the opportunities that come your way. 

Managing Both Business and Personal Risk

At Wellfleet Strategies, we recognize that risk comes in many forms: market risk, regulatory risk, and other business or financial-oriented type risks. However, we also recognize more concrete and even personal risks. To that end, we help people assess not only their business and financial risks, but we can also assess and help you manage the following: 

  • Physical security
  • Reputational risk
  • Vetting potential personal and business partners
  • Public relations
  • Assessment and management of risk involving personal assets such as cars, homes, personal bank and investment accounts

In short, we provide our clients with a holistic approach to risk assessment and management. Our goal is to ensure that your entire life is protected, not just the operation of your business. 

Our Approach

At Wellfleet Strategies, we believe in a hands-on, highly personalized approach to serving our clients. To that end, the first step is for us to meet with you and listen closely to where you see your future going. We work to understand your personal needs, your family’s needs, and what you value as you continue to move forward in life. With decades of experience, we can then offer a comprehensive overview of where we see potential risk. Working with you side-by-side, we can offer both general guidance for managing those risks as well as specific solutions to meet your more acute needs. 

Global Risk Assessment & Management