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Lawrence “Larry” Brown

Larry Brown is a lawyer, problem solver, and advocate. His work with clients is more than a career, it’s a lifelong passion that has become part of his identity.

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High Profile Tax Trial Attorney

For the last 25 years, Larry has served as a tax and criminal defense attorney on high stakes and high profile cases.

His clients face life changing criminal charges, substantial financial loss, and extreme scrutiny from the public eye. He works with hall of famers, Grammy award-winning artists, professional athletes, industry leading medical professionals, and Forbes 400 billionaires.

Each of his clients come to him with massive problems they are facing in front of the IRS, Department of Justice, government agencies and certification boards. Each time he delivers unique solutions to these problems – this is how Wellfleet Strategies was born.

Your Problem Solver

As the Founder of Wellfleet Strategies, Larry pulls from his decades of experience crafting custom solutions to the huge problems his clients face. His specialized approach to problem solving helps businesses of all sizes meet the challenges of today’s global economy. Side-by-side with hand curated industry experts, Larry and his team help business owners mitigate risk, comply with legal and regulatory obligations, manage change, respond to crises, prevent fraud and monitor industry developments.

Every problem has a solution. The process of finding the solution is key. By asking the right questions, expecting what he can’t yet see, and understanding that no two problems are ever the same, Larry and his team of experts minimize risk exposure for businesses around the world.

Specialized Training & Experience

As a private practice tax attorney and former U.S. Department of Justice attorney Larry has tried more than 100 jury trials and 400 bench trials to verdicts. He has settled countless legal matters to the benefit of his clients, avoiding the conflict of trial altogether.

Larry calls on a roster of experts to provide strategy and consultation for Wellfleet Strategies clients. He has personal connections with industry leaders in every corner of the world, including federal prosecutors, journalists, academic experts, forensic accountants, attorneys and special agents. The collective knowledge of this team, overseen and led by Larry, creates an effective and all-encompassing approach to even the most complicated of business challenges.