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Risk Solutions

It’s what we do.

Helping Businesses Manage Risk
and Avoid Regulatory Pitfalls

In today’s rapidly changing global economy, your business faces new challenges and unprecedented opportunities. With intense market forces and pressure from federal, state, and local regulators, you need strategies and solutions that can help you navigate this landscape and keep your business growing.

Wellfleet Strategies is a risk solution and regulatory compliance firm providing personal attention to a carefully selected number of clients. Our global network of professionals have one goal: minimize your exposure to risk. We accomplish this by focusing on three basic fundamentals:

Helping 2WellFleet

We accomplish this by focusing on three basic fundamentals:

1. There is no routine situation.

Our founder, Lawrence Brown, has more than 30 years of experience as both a private practice and United States Department of Justice attorney. His career has exposed him to expert industry connections and insights and shown him that complex problems are not solved with surface-level solutions.

2. The right questions led to the right answers.

You must first recognize risk in order to prevent it. The uniqueness of your company means there is no one set of questions that will reveal the liabilities of your business. We put highly specialized professionals in the same room to ask the right questions to find the solutions critical to the success of your business.

3. Success lies in planning for the unexpected.

The market is always unexpected and should never be underestimated. Our highly functioning, tech-savvy economy means equal opportunity for growth and destruction at any time. We reduce your exposure to risk by planning and monitoring for both familiar and unfamiliar problems.

The Wellfleet Strategies Way

Manage change, mitigate risk, and respond to unexpected market events and other issues. We gather data and provide timely and relevant analysis to make important decisions that will keep your business moving forward.

Collect Data

Ask Questions


Plan & Execute

Monitor & Prevent

What We Do:
Risk Solutions

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Something either inside your business or outside that could destroy your marketplace.

Loss of market share, damage to your reputation, negative publicity, regulatory enforcement and criminal investigation can cripple your business. These are the types of problems you want to get ahead of, the types of problems to plan for and avoid. We put into action internal controls that guard against illegal activity, fraud and negative exposure both inside and outside your organization.

  • Global Investigations
  • Business Intelligence & Due Diligence
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Organizational Integrity & Business Ethics
  • Private Client Services
  • Crisis Management & Strategic Communications
  • Cyber Security