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Compliance Consulting Begins with the Right People

Wellfleet Strategies is built on an extensive network of professionals in your industry: lawyers, forensic accountants, former regulators, government officials, federal prosecutors, journalists, research analysts, and academics. We hand-pick the professionals who will be working with you and the members or your team, people who are experts in your industry. Our people have the experience and knowledge you need to evaluate your risk and develop the best possible compliance strategy. 

Evaluating Your Current Compliance Program 

If you already have a compliance program, you’re at least one step in the right direction. However, it’s important to recognize that no program is perfect. You need an experienced partner that can point out your blind spots and develop creative solutions to tighten up your compliance efforts. 

Our people can come in and do a thorough assessment of your current compliance program. Because we are intimately familiar with the legal framework you operate in, we can provide real-time feedback about whether your program is protecting you against risk. Whether you operate in the United States or in foreign countries, we know the law and the regulations that govern everything you do. 

Designing New Compliance Programs 

Sometimes it makes sense to start fresh. We can work with you to develop a systematic, fully-customized compliance program that protects you from unwanted scrutiny. Our programs typically involve the following components:

  • Education of employees and management personnel
  • Onboarding procedures
  • Reporting and monitoring procedures
  • Oversight and supervision policies
  • Internal controls

Once we’ve developed the program that meets your needs, we work side-by-side with you to make sure it’s fully implemented. 

Foreign Compliance

Those businesses that operate overseas face unique challenges that they don’t face here in the United States. For example, both U.S. law and the law of the country you operate in may prohibit bribing government officials to advance your business. Even if you are adamantly opposed to bribery, it’s easier than you think to run afoul of the law. The business culture in foreign countries is often far less transparent than here in the United States. It can be difficult to determine who is a government official, and many companies may be partially owned by the government itself. It’s very easy for funds paid for a legitimate business purpose to suddenly come under scrutiny.

We people are experts on regulatory issues under both U.S. law and in foreign jurisdictions. We also know the culture of the country where you operate and know where the pitfalls lie. We are uniquely positioned to develop a full compliance program that will protect you in every country where you operate. 

Compliance Program Consulting