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Focused on Real-World Business Ethics

Many organizations quickly get bogged down when they try to develop a code of ethics that attempts to address every possible situation. At Wellfleet Strategies, we understand the need to consider every angle, but we emphasize what is likely to happen versus what might happen. Our people have decades of experience as leaders in their respective industries. As a result, they know what areas tend to create the most common ethical dilemmas and know how to address them so that they won’t be a problem for your business. 

Assessing Your Company’s Culture

One of the first steps we take when working with a client is to take a deep dive into the current ethical culture. This inside-out study allows us to identify your strengths and, more importantly, pinpoint any potential shortcomings before they become problems. From there, we can make a candid assessment of your company’s overall ethical practices. 

If we identify fundamental or systemic problems, our people can help you transform and rebuild your corporate culture. We have the knowledge and experience you need to develop an ethical foundation that is sustainable and responsive to the demands of the modern business world. 

Top-Down Governance Strategies

At Wellfleet Strategies, we believe that the best leaders lead from the front. As a result, we work closely with boards of directors, executive officers, and management to ensure that your company’s ethical integrity isn’t just window dressing, but a deep commitment from the people at the very top. Through ethics training and workshops, we work with your organization’s leadership to develop and implement practices and procedures that will help an ethical culture flourish at your company. 

Sustainable Ethics

Change is the only constant in today’s business world. Technology is developing faster than many businesses can absorb. Laws and regulations change often, and you encounter new regulations as you push into new markets. The modern, global economy brings intense pressure that requires an almost immediate response to stay competitive. 

We help our clients build long-term ethical structures designed to be resilient in the face of change. We also stay abreast of any changes in your industry – technological, legal, regulatory, or otherwise – so we can alert you to any potential ethical problems before they arise. 

Organizational Integrity & Business Ethics