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Unseen Risks and Sophisticated Threats

In response to increased scrutiny, terrorist organizations and other money launderers are more sophisticated than ever. They will create entities that appear legitimate and go to great lengths to conceal the sources of their income. From a business perspective, it can be very challenging to separate legitimate entities from dangerous ones or determine whether they are complying with government regulations. 

As a result, legitimate, law-abiding institutions can quickly find themselves the target of terrorist organizations. Banks, brokerage houses, used car dealerships, casinos, and other businesses can unwittingly find themselves being used for illegal purposes. Consequently, your business can quickly become the focus of a government investigation, even if you were unaware that it was happening. You need someone who can help you understand the laws you need to comply with and how to protect yourself from being the victim of these illegal activities. 

Helping You Manage Your Risk

Law-abiding citizens have no idea how the criminal world operates. Even savvy, sophisticated business people can quickly become victims, especially in a fast-paced global environment where major transactions can be handled in a few hours with no face-to-face interaction. We work with businesses to identify their weaknesses and build up the protections you need to guard against being used in a criminal enterprise. Many enterprises are most vulnerable at the lower levels. We work with your employees and train them to identify when another entity may be a front for illegal activity. From there, we develop and implement the policies and protocols your business needs to stay out of trouble. 

We also help our clients defend themselves when being investigated or prosecuted for alleged involvement in illegal activities. With decades of experience as both prosecutors and defense counsel, we understand how these cases work. We can evaluate the case against you and quickly develop an effective legal strategy to protect your personal and business reputations. 

Technology Paired with Human Intelligence

Technology is a critical tool in guarding against money laundering and terrorist financing. Unfortunately, the technological demands are enormous, and we can help you identify the solutions that will best suit your business. 

We recognize the importance of technology but understand that human intelligence is indispensable. We work side-by-side with the decision-makers and other executives to understand your operations and educate you on how criminals operate. We then build a fully customized, innovative program to guard against the risks your business faces.