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A Deeper Dive

The first step is in realizing that potential executives require much more careful vetting than your standard employee. This means that the background check needs to be more thorough as well. In addition to criminal records searches and employment verification, our background checks will also include the following: 

  • Verification of professional credentials
  • Review media profiles
  • Check professional references
  • Search civil legal records for lawsuits, judgments, and other legal actions involving the candidate
  • Politically exposed person checks
  • Search for potential financial liabilities

If your candidate has something to find, the chances are it will be buried deep. You need skilled and experienced researchers that can help you find the information you need to make a fully informed decision. 

Painting the Whole Picture

We also recognize that the potentially negative information contained in public records doesn’t always tell the whole story. Our researchers and investigators understand the importance of context, so they don’t stop at what they find in the public records. Our goal is to present you with an exhaustive report that gives you all of the information you need while highlighting the information that we believe is relevant to making your decision.

While the candidate’s professional background is your primary concern, you shouldn’t overlook their personal background. Depending on their role in the company, issues in their personal life could cause considerable embarrassment for your brand. Past criminal convictions can damage your brand while an acrimonious divorce or other family issues can become a significant distraction. From the personal to the professional, we can help you balance out the information, identify which is relevant, and help you make the right decision. 

Navigating the Legal Challenges of Background Searches

Of course, we use only legal methods to conduct our background searches. As a result, we stay abreast of what is permissible under current law, which allows us to conduct thorough background searches without compromising your reputation. In addition, we are also able to advise our clients on what may or may not be permissible when they conduct their own investigations into candidates’ backgrounds.

Executive Background Investigations