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We help many of our clients face some very sensitive issues – issues that could be negatively interpreted or could disrupt your operations if made public. For this reason, we zealously protect our clients’ confidentiality. If you retain our firm, you can expect the highest level of confidential representation:

  • We do not list our clients by name on our website or any other promotional materials.
  • Our team members do not disclose to others that you are or were a client, verbally or otherwise.
  • We do not disclose who we represent under any circumstances.

We realize that not every client needs the highest level of confidentiality, but our philosophy is that our clients should make that choice, not us. We exercise the utmost discretion to protect our clients’ reputations.

Who We Represent

We work with clients from around the globe, both individuals and businesses. We build a team around each client, matching them with industry professionals with deep experience. Whether you are an industry professional or a multinational corporation, we have the resources to meet whatever needs you may have.

Individual Clients

We have represented some of the most influential individuals in the United States and the world. Our clients have included members of the Forbes 400, Hall of Fame professional athletes, and Grammy award-winning artists. We serve our prominent individuals in the following ways:

  • Crisis management and strategic communications
  • Review and vetting new vendors and other relationships, both public and private
  • Managing travel and security risks
  • Reputation management

We understand the challenges and risks that many of our prominent clients face, and we are adept at identifying and managing these issues to protect your best interests.

Corporate Clients

We work with a broad spectrum of corporate clients. We know the challenges and risks that your business faces in today’s global economy. We help our clients meet specific challenges and plan for their future, assisting them in the areas of compliance, risk management, fraud detection, strategic communications, and many other areas. Our extensive network of industry professionals allows us to represent almost any type of corporate entity:

  • Publicly-traded companies
  • Closely-held companies
  • Regional, domestic businesses
  • Large, multinational corporations
  • Non-profit organizations

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, but instead strive to develop creative, customized solutions for your business.