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In today’s business environment, fraud is as prevalent as ever. Almost any business can become the victim of fraud, and unfortunately, the fraud is discovered only once valuable assets have been transferred out of the company. It’s easier than ever to operate internationally, and fraudsters can instantly move assets around the world with a few clicks of a mouse.

Fortunately, those assets can be recovered, but it isn’t easy. To locate and recover these assets, you need a team of professionals who know how fraudsters operate and can unravel a complicated web of transactions designed to cover their tracks. You need a team with the right people and the right tools.

We Follow the Money

The first step is to trace the money flow. We begin by bringing some of the best forensic accountants in the industry. People with deep experience in asset tracing and the necessary skill sets. They will trace the money out of the company to an entity that has usually been created to hide the asset.

Aggressive Legal Action

Once we have determined where the money is going, the next step is to pursue aggressive litigation. Our strategy here is to file suit so that we can begin the discovery process. We use discovery in order to subpoena bank accounts and other records we need to prove the fraud and locate and recover your assets. While the primary goal is to locate and recover the assets, litigation is also effective for holding the perpetrators accountable.

Asset Tracing that Crosses Borders

In today’s global economy, asset tracing requires people who can navigate both inside and outside the U.S. Drawn from some of the most aggressive law enforcement agencies in the world, our team of financial and legal professionals has the multifaceted skills and knowledge you need when it comes to tracing, freezing, and recovering assets in foreign jurisdictions. Our network of industry professionals gives us access to resources around the world so that we are able to have boots on the ground almost anywhere your case takes us.