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What You Need

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, both in general and in response to a specific issue. When faced with potential fraud, you need someone who has a broad knowledge of accounting rules and practices, but also the specific skill set to perform a thorough investigation. You need someone who knows financial crime inside and out and understands how to navigate the complex legal issues it entails. Ultimately, it comes down to having the right team with the right blend of experience, skills, and knowledge that can help you meet your challenges head-on.

The Wellfleet Strategies Approach

If you suspect fraud, the first thing we do is perform a 360-degree investigation to identify whether you have suffered a breach. After that initial step, we begin an exhaustive analysis to determine the extent of the damage and the action that needs to be taken.

If the fraud has come to light as part of a government investigation, we will immediately begin formulating an aggressive legal strategy to protect you and your business. With decades of experience, we know how regulators and other enforcement entities operate. We will explain your options and help you choose the best possible course of action.

In order to serve our clients, we employ a broad array of technological tools to provide cutting-edge representation. We are tech-savvy, but believe our strongest asset is our people. We work with an extensive network of financial investigators, forensic accountants, and former investigators and regulators. We build a team of experts hand-selected to deal with your specific issue.

We know the law and regulations, we know what to look for, and we know how to overcome difficult situations.

Loss Mitigation

Financial investigations and forensic accounting are two very important services that we offer. We help our clients identify the problem and the extent of the damage. Perhaps more importantly, we also help them stop the bleeding. Not only can we develop the practices and protocols to prevent future incidents, but we also help our clients minimize the financial, legal, and reputational damage that can follow.