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Wellfleet Strategies is a trusted partner for anyone operating in the alternative currency environment. Our team of alternative currency professionals can help you investigate potential fraud and protect your interests. 

Coupling Cutting Edge Technology with Human Expertise 

Because alternative currencies are dependent upon technology, thorough investigations rely heavily upon digital forensics. At Wellfleet Strategies, we employ powerful technological tools to determine whether fraud occurred and find out who is behind it. 

We understand that the best technology is useless without human intelligence behind it. The professionals at Wellfleet Strategies have decades of experience in fraud investigations. Our people know what to look for and how to find it. Coupling the best in technology with our people is what makes us truly unique. 

Innovative Investigations

Alternative currencies are a constantly changing landscape, so you can’t simply rely upon investigative methods that have worked in the past. Fraudsters learn from the mistakes of others and look for new ways to take advantage of their targets. You need an innovative thinker who brings an outside-the-box approach to your investigation. Our people didn’t get their reputations by doing what everyone else does – they are trailblazers in the alternative currency industry. 

Our Approach to Alternative Currency Fraud Investigations

When we work with a client who suspects alternative currency fraud, our first step is to carefully review all of the facts and information surrounding the issue. We work closely with you and your people to make sure we understand exactly what is happening or what your concerns are. 

Once we have made a full assessment of the situation, we then begin our in-depth investigation with a focus on the following objectives: 

  • To gather material evidence of fraud; 
  • To document the extent of any losses; and
  • To identify the responsible parties and determine their location. 

Once we’ve accomplished those objectives, we brief your executive team on our findings. We then advise you of your options and work side-by-side with you to formulate an effective strategy for stopping the fraud, holding the responsible parties responsible, and hopefully recovering your losses.

Preventative Guidance

We also help clients who are worried about the potential of fraud. Whether you are new to alternative currency or simply have become more sensitive to the risk of fraud, our team can give you the training, the tools, and the support to protect yourself and your business.